About Us

We are a different concept in moving

JESUS MOVING has successfully moved a hundreds of Clients, from large corporations to small apartments and sophisticated household trough the Country exceeding the Customer expectations. JESUS MOVING maintains its superior level of Costumer service by using leading-edge technology and employing top-level industry professionals..

JESUS MOVING, with License No. MR 378, is licensed to operate in all three counties in Southeastern Florida, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach and, besides, have License Number IM1276 FOR THE STATE OF THE FLORIDA

• We give you your cardboard boxes and recycling materials for packing, at no cost to you.

• Personal estimates in your home, in order to guarantee a set price without any changes, deception or tricks when the bill is due.

• We present you with a complete Guide, featuring practical advice to make your moving fully successful.

• We take charge for helping you pack the items that have the most economic or sentimental value to you.

• Your current property, as well as the property you are moving to will be insured against all damages that might occur. The same is true for all your furniture. Our company carries an insurance policy that covers your cargo. In this way, your furniture will be protected during the moving You may request an insurance Certification from our insurance agent.

• Full relocation of all your furniture at your new home, according to your taste, regardless of how many times you may wish to change their location or arrangement.

• We help you unpack the items that are the most urgent to you during the first days at your new home.

• We help you reinstall your electronic equipment, and that means, your TV and video equipment, your computers and all other equipment.

• We do not charge for cardboard boxes, package or warehouse consulting services that you may need for your moving.

• Full times employees and certified professional movers.

• Stretch wrap service and full licensed and insurance.

• Clean, modern trucks and equipment.

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